UNVA meets the unique requirements of its students by providing the opportunity for a quality education to students globally.


This is are expressed in all phases of the university's operations, ranging from the selection of professors to the design of curricula. UNVA strives to give the student specialized knowledge in a chosen field; It believes that its primary task is to teach the student not only theoretical concepts but also the scientific method -- the process of discovery, analysis, and application of these concepts. The basic objective is to help students develop the analytical capacity, basic knowledge, and attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function effectively as productive citizens in an interdependent world. The University of Northern Virginia's institutional goals are outlined as follows:


To establish and continuously refine academic programs consistent with the mission of the university.

To offer educational experiences that stimulate a desire for learning.

To provide programs and services supportive of the academic objectives and relevant to the needs of employers, the economy and good citizenship.

To provide student support services that address the diverse needs of international students.

To implement faculty and staff development procedures and programs which will ensure a high quality educational environment.

To provide international students, through the "Co-operative Education" program at the main campus, both educational skills and work experiences which will best prepare them for success.

To provide globally a program for international students which will aid them in their career, personal, and intellectual development.

To maintain a systematic program of worldwide institutional development.