Rapid changes in technology; enhanced global competition; the development of innovative structures in society, business and government; and an ever more complex workforce all require successful leaders of business to possess sophisticated new perspectives and skills as well as heightened levels of knowledge. As a result, contemporary business and industry executives are turning increasingly to academic institutions for new paradigms to secure success today, to recruit the best possible leadership for the future, and to guide growth and development wisely.

To meet these demands, the University of Northern Virginia's Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program provides a practical yet academically rigorous learning experience for a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional students. The objectives of the program are three-fold:

  • To prepare candidates for a career in management or consulting at the senior executive level;
  • To provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary in order to conduct meaningful and original empirical research; and
  • To develop within each candidate the fundamental expertise and skills required in order to become a college or university faculty member in an area of Business Administration.

This doctoral program may be pursued on either a part-time or full-time basis and completed within three to five years.

Candidates for the DBA degree must complete 60 credit hours, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. It is required that all candidates attend the earliest scheduled doctoral orientation class (one credit hour). Program components include:

  • Forty-five credit hours of course requirements.
  • One credit hour of doctoral orientation.
  • A minimum of twelve credit hours devoted to the doctoral research project.
  • Satisfactory performance in the written Comprehensive Examination (upon completion of formal coursework).
  • Submission of a doctoral research proposal.
  • Formal presentation of the doctoral research project.

Requirements: 60 credit hours

Doctoral Orientation: 1 credit hour

ORTN 600

Doctoral Orientation

Research Methodology: 9 Credit Hours

RESE 602

Research Methods and Design

RESE 604

Quantitative Research & Analysis

RESE 606

Exploration in Advanced Research

* All doctoral students must take the RESE courses

Core Courses: 39 credit hours

BMGT 608

Human Resources Development

BMGT 610

Strategic Decision Making

BMGT 612

Business Policy and Practice

BMGT 614

Business, Government and Society

BMGT 616

Seminar in Labor Relations

BMGT 618

Seminar in Human Resources Management

BMGT 620

Seminar on Organizational Development

BMGT 622

Seminar in Strategic Management

BMGT 624

Current Topics: the Professional Seminar

BMGT 658

Theories of Globalization

ECON 626

Economic and Finance

IMSC 628

Technology Systems in Business

MKTG 630

Global Marketing Strategy

Doctoral Project: Min. 12 Credit Hours

PROJ 700

Doctoral Projects

(Please refer to the DBA Program Handbook for further details.)



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