Master of Business Administration: Management Concentration

Cornerstone Courses: 15 credit hours

ACTG 500

Accounting Concepts and Applications

BMGT 500

Principles of Management

COMM 500

Management Communication

FINA 500

Money, Banking and Financial Markets

STAT 500

Statistics for Managers

Core Courses: 15 credit hours



ECON 510

Managerial Economics

BMGT 510

Legal Environment for Business

BMGT 511

International Management

BMGT 512

Quantitative Methods for Business

IMSC 500

Information Systems Technology

Concentration: 12 credit hours (choose 4 courses)**

BMGT 520

Human Resource Management

BMGT 521

Multinational Management

BMGT 522

Strategic Management

BMGT 523

Small Business Management

BMGT 524

Global Operations Management

BMGT 525

Organizational Behavior

BMGT 531

Business Intelligence

BMGT 598

Directed Research

BMGT 599

Management Project

MKTG 510

Electronic Commerce

** In selecting concentration courses, students are advised to consult with the Chair of the Management Department.



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