University of Northern Virginia education is based on the philosophy that no two students are the same, especially when it comes to learning. That’s why we make a great effort to get to know each and every student who enrolls – their learning abilities, their living situations, and their personal interests.

UNVA provides every student with an individualized college experience. Our counselors work with each student to develop his or her own Individualized Academic Plan (IAP), with carefully mapped-out, personalized learning strategies that reflects assessments of skills, aptitude, and future goals, including discussions with the student and his or her parents. This plan allows students and school staff members to set goals and create tangible, action-oriented, and personalized plans that focus students on the future. Students can contribute to this plan by creating to-dos and marking items as completed.

Academic Review

Before a student begins classes, UNVA counselors review his or her previous academic records to try to get an idea of existing strengths and weaknesses. We also ensure that students have completed prerequisites and don’t seem to be showing an inability to keep pace with the rest of their college works. The student will then undergo a more detailed assessment which will paint a clear picture of where the student stands academically.

The entrance review process starts with reviewing records from the student’s previous schools. Our staff evaluates what was effective and successful for each student in the past, and where opportunities exist to improve. This step in our admissions process ensures that the student has successfully completed prerequisites, had made successful progress on college level, and allows our staff to select the appropriate courses.

Simplify course planning and help students see how their plans affect their futures. With UNVA Course Planner, counselors can manage all course planning electronically. University staff can build IAP with graduation requirements and recommended coursework for students. The academic plan is the result of a collaborative process between the students, admissions office, and counseling department. The process ensures that we address the student’s specific needs and goals so that he or she can be successful in our program.


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