Bachelor of Business Administration 

The B.B.A. degree at UNVA is intended to prepare graduates for responsible managerial roles within a variety of organizational settings. While many students will apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in their undergraduate studies directly to their current or future occupations, the curriculum is designed to afford breadth and depth in the complexities of governmental, industrial, educational, commercial, health services, and voluntary organizations.

The concentrations in the Bachelor's of Business Administration degree are: Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing.

General Studies Courses: 60 credit hours

Main courses

Course Code

General Studies Courses: 60 credit hours


Communication: minimum 9 credit hours 

COMM 303

Intercultural Communications

COMM 305

Introduction to Journalism

ENGL 111*

College English I

ENGL 112*

College English II

ENGL 113*

Introduction to Speech



Quantification: minimum 9 credit hours 

MATH 103*

College Algebra

MATH 114

Business Math

MATH 231*

Calculus I

MATH 331

Calculus II

STAT 300*

Introductory Statistics I

STAT 401

Introductory Statistics II



Cultural Studies: minimum 6 credit hours 

HIST 111

History of World Civilization I

HIST 112

History of World Civilization II

HIST 213

History of Traditional East Asia

HIST 400

History of Western Civilization

HUMN 319

Human Culture and Sexuality



Humanities & Arts: minimum 6 credit hours 

ARTH 115

Film History and Theory

ARTH 122

Introduction to International

ARTH 127

Introduction to Visual Arts

ARTH 300

Art History

HUMN 133

Introduction to American Studies

HUMN 143

Introduction to African Studies

HUMN 337

World Religions

PHIL 201

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 301




Natural Sciences: minimum 6 credit hours 

GSCI 122

Introduction to Physics

GSCI 134

Introduction to Biology

GSCI 147

Introduction to Chemistry

GSCI 159

Introduction to Earth Science

GSCI 160

Climates of the World

GSCI 163

Energy and the Environment

GSCI 167

Genetics, Ecology, & Evolution

GSCI 178

Astronomical Universe



Social & Behavioral Sciences: min. 6 credits 

ANTR 113

Introductory Anthropology

GOVT 120

Introduction to Political Science

GOVT 130

Introduction to American Government

PSCH 246

Psychology of Management

PSCH 302

General Psychology

PSCH 306

Cross-Cultural Psychology

SOCI 300

Introductory Sociology

SOCI 313

Mass Culture

Concentrations: 30 credit hours



BMGT 300

Strategic Planning

BMGT 301

Introduction to International Business

BMGT 302

Principles of Management

BMGT 312

Human Resource Management

BMGT 313

Teams, Groups and Leadership

BMGT 401

Organization Theory and Development

BMGT 412

Business Ethics

BMGT 450

Special Topics in International Management

BMGT 472

Operations Management

FINA 201

Business Finance

Electives: 30 credit hours

Professional Electives (Choose 10 courses from ACTG, BMGT, CSCI, ECON, FINA, IMSC, MKTG)



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