UNVA recognizes in several ways the significant amounts of advanced work many entering students have done while in secondary school.


UNVA places all students in classes appropriate for their backgrounds. Students with greater achievement in a language, math, or science, for example, will be placed in more challenging classes.

Students may be allowed to use an Advanced Placement exam score (or appropriate international credential) to meet certain requirements (foreign language, introductory departmental course, etc.).

Students with a full year's worth of advanced work-documented by AP exams, an International Baccalaureate diploma, or certain other international credentials and who also meet certain requirements during their first term at the university, may be eligible to petition for Advanced Standing.


Applicants may be admitted with advanced standing by:


The transfer of credits from other technical institutions, colleges, or universities, or through high school articulation agreements. Students wishing to transfer credits from post-high school institutions should request official transcripts to be sent to the Admissions Office for evaluation. Only classes equivalent to those offered at UNVA with a grade of "C" or better will be accepted for advanced standing. The university reserves the right to determine credits by tests or examination.

Evaluation of previous work experience, leadership, and organizational experiences.

Evaluation of studies through military training programs.

Evaluation of other educational experiences to include work shop seminars.

Forms and procedures for advanced standing may be obtained at the Student Services Office. A maximum of 21 semester credit hours may be earned through these experiences. Students are responsible for providing documentation of the experiences and accomplishments. All transfers and advanced standing requirements must be completed six weeks prior to the end of the quadmester in which the student is enrolled.

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