Tuition rates are printed in the Schedule of Classes. Tuition is due upon registration. (Note: To reserve your course registrations, you must pay in full.) Payment of tuition entitles you to use the library, bookstore, student lounge, and other facilities of the University. You must pay for any school property that you damage or lose, such as laboratory or shop equipment, supplies, library books, and materials. All tuition and most fees are approved by the Board of Directors, which has the authority to change any and all tuition and fees without prior notice.


Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice pending Board of Directors approval.


Application Fee $60.00
Application Fee Doctorate $100.00
New Student Orientation Fee $75.00
Late Registration Fee $60.00
International Student Processing Fee* $200.00
English Placement Test Fee $25.00
Tuition per Term ESL $945.00
Tuition per Credit Hour Undergraduate $365.00
Tuition per Credit Hour Graduate $450.00
Tuition per Credit Hours Doctorate $560.00
Audit Tuition 1/3 of Normal Tuition
Registration Fee per Course $60.00
Add/Drop Fee $60.00
Removal of Incomplete Grade $30.00
Withdrawal Fee $30.00
Replacement Diploma $150.00
Registrar's Affidavit for Diploma $50.00
Reprint of I-20 (Each) $10.00
Replacement ID Card $25.00
Graduation Fee $390.00
Challenge Exam Fee $250.00
Transcripts per Copy $15.00
- $25.00 per Express Transcript (processed within 48 hours)
Returned Check Fee $50.00
University Notary Service $5.00
Overnight/Express Shipping Varies
Apostille Fee $150.00

*This fee will count into student's tuition when they register classes.


Tuition and other charges at UNVA are set at the minimum permissible levels for financially responsible operation by the University Board of Directors and may be changed by Board of Directors action. Gifts and grants received through the generosity of alumni, industry, foundations, government and friends play an important part in keeping the cost of tuition as low as possible.


Initial Payment


Because of the need to ensure a comfortable settlement for studies during the first semester an advance deposit is required from all students studying on an F1 visa.


Payment per Quadmester


Payment in full for all tuition and fees is due on or before the first day of the quadmester during which the course is to be taken. Registration cannot be completed, and the student cannot be admitted to class, unless satisfactory payment is made at those times. There will be a 1% per month charge on any unpaid balance.

Tuition payments can be made in person at our Annandale Business Office or Online at UNVA Webcart.


Tuition Refund Policy


Students who, prior to the start of the term, were not admitted, did not enroll, did not begin the program or course, withdrew from the University, or were dismissed by the University are eligible to receive a refund of all payments made to the University, less $100. If the total payment was $100 or less, no refund will be issued.

It is the policy of the University that fees are nonrefundable. These include, but are not limited to, application fees, placement testing fees, registration fees, add/drop fees, late registration fees, removal of incomplete grade fees, replacement of ID card fees, graduation fees, transcript fees, and returned check fees.

Tuition may be refunded under specific conditions. Students who withdraw or are otherwise dismissed are subject to the following tuition refund policy. For the purposes of policy, withdrawal may refer to a withdrawal from the institution or from individual classes.


If the student withdraws before the upcoming quadmester begins, tuition paid to the University for the upcoming quadmester will be fully refunded.

If the student withdraws after the start of the current quadmester but before the end of the third week of the current quadmester, the student will be charged 50% of the tuition for the current quadmester.

If the student withdraws after the start of the fourth week of the current quadmester but before the end of the sixth week of the current quadmester, the student will be charged 75% of the tuition for the current quadmester.

Students who withdraw after the end of the sixth week of the current quadmester are not eligible for a refund.

Withdrawal Period     Tuition Charge %

Before first week start          0%

Week one to week three 50%

Week four to week six         75%

After sixth week ends        100%


Graduation Fee


Due no later than 3 months prior to your graduation.


Estimated Total Academic Costs per Program


Estimated living expenses  

Food and other consumables $400 per month

Housing (shared apartment) $500 per month*

Transportation / Gas $150 per month (varies per student’s lifestyle)

Utilities (Telephone & Internet) $100 per month (varies per student’s lifestyle)

Miscellaneous expenses $300 per month

Medical Insurance $150 per month (ranges $1200 – 1800 per year)

Laptop Computer $1,500.00 once

Clothing $100 - 250 once or as needed (as per student’s lifestyle)

This is an estimate of total standard academic fees. For any further academic charges please see the tuition and fees structure table above. Living costs are outlined below.


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