Bachelor of Science Degrees: Block Transfer Program 

Admissions Requirements:

·         Sixty (60) credit hours transferred maximum

·         English Proficiency Requirements (International Students)

Graduation Requirements:

·         At least 120 credit hours with a minimum of 2.0 GPA

·         Satisfy all division course and meet all General Studies requirements

Note: The following courses are available for students utilizing the Block Transfer program. Please see you advisor for more details.

General Studies: 30 credit hours
(Select any 10 courses)


ARTH 300

Art History

COMM 401

Foundations of Intercultural Communication

COMM 403

Business Communication

EVSC 105

Environmental Science

MATH 231

Calculus I

HIST 400

History of Western Civilization

GOVT 303

Comparative Politics

PHIL 201

Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 301


PSCH 302

General Psychology

SOCI 300

Introductory Sociology

STAT 300

Introductory Statistics I


For Bachelor of Business Administration

Major Requirements: 30 credit hours
(Select any 10 courses)


ACTG 201

Fundamental of Accounting (Required)

BMGT 201

Principles of Management (Required)

BMGT 215

Business Laws

BMGT 300

Strategic Planning

BMGT 312

Human Resources Management

BMGT 313

Teams, Groups and Leadership

BMGT 401

Organization Theory and Development

BMGT 412

Business Ethics

BMGT 450

Special Topics in International Management

BMGT 472

Operations Management

ECON 362

Managerial Economics (Required)

FINA 201

Business Finance

IMSC 215

Management Information Systems (Required)

MKTG 201

Principles of Marketing


For Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Major Requirements: 30 credit hours

Computer Science


CSCI 121

Computer Science I

CSCI 122

Computer Science II

CSCI 210

Database Management

CSCI 324

Principles of Programming Languages

CSCI 325

Operating Systems

CSCI 327

Data Structure

CSCI 331

Computer Architecture

CSCI 332

Data Communication

IMSC 377


IMSC 462

Information Security


Management Information Systems


CSCI 121

Computer Science

CSCI 210

Database Management

IMSC 101

Introduction to Business Information Systems

IMSC 220

Information Systems and Decision Making

IMSC 377


IMSC 442

Software Engineering

IMSC 451

Systems Analysis

IMSC 462

Information Security

IMSC 487

Information Technology Planning & Management



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