Bachelor of Science Degrees: Information Technology 

The B.S. degree at UNVA is intended to prepare graduates for responsible managerial roles within a variety of organizational settings. While many students will apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in their undergraduate studies directly to their current or future occupations, the curriculum is designed to afford breadth and depth in the complexities of governmental, industrial, educational, financial, commercial, and voluntary organizations.

There are no specific concentrations in the Bachelor's of Science degrees in Information Technology.

All bachelor's degrees are offered by the University of Northern Virginia online or in the traditional educational format, as available.

General Studies Courses: 36 credit hours

ENGL 111

College English I

ENGL 112

College English II

ENGL 113


EVSC 105

Environmental Science I

GOVT 120

Introduction to Political Science

GOVT 241

International Relations I

GOVT 242

International Relations II

HIST 111

History of World Civilization I

HIST 112

History of World Civilization II

MATH 103

College Algebra

PSCH 246

Psychology of Management or PSCH 101 Introduction to Psychology

SOCI 101

Introductory Sociology


IT Competencies: 24 credit hours (Take eight courses)

IMSC 101

Introduction to Business Information Processing

IMSC 110

Microcomputer Software Applications

IMSC 112

Computer Systems Analysis

IMSC 205

Computer Information Systems Design

IMSC 210

Database Management

IMSC 215

Management Information Systems

IMSC 220

Information Systems and Decision Making

IMSC 230

Local Area Network or IMSC 235

IMSC 235

Understanding Telecommunications or IMSC 230


Major Requirements: 30 credit hours (Take ten courses)

IMSC 300

Modern Telecommunications

IMSC 338

Programming Visual Basic

IMSC 341

Network and Operating Systems Essentials

IMSC 342

Operating Systems for Administrators

IMSC 363

Introduction to Computer Statistical Packages or IMSC 483

IMSC 422

Data Communication and Networks

IMSC 462

Information Security Principles

IMSC 483

Business System Analysis and Design or IMSC 363

IMSC 487

Information Technology Planning and Management

IMSC 490

Topics in Computer Information Systems

MATH 231

Calculus I

STAT 300

Introductory Statistics I


Electives: 30 credit hours (Take ten courses)

Choose ten undergraduate courses in consultation with the faculty advisor.



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